What We Do and Did

Living in the Vine is about iron sharpening iron.  It is about Christians coming together to help each other.

Living in the Vine started as a discipleship podcast where three average Joes (Or Johns as it were) sat around and discipled each other.  The first episode was released in February 2017.  After releasing 34 episodes over the next year, Living in the Vine took a hiatus.  Its important that all Christians have the right priorities.  This podcast was about fellowship, discipleship, and edification, but as husbands, and fathers, all three vines have God given responsibilities to those mission fields first.

Over the following year and a half, the branches of Living in the Vine have continued down that narrow road.  Mindful of the world around them, the branches remain informed about the Christian space online.  In the Christian podcast world, you can find tons of podcasts refuting false teachers, discussing the big theological controversies of the day, and other variations of the same.  There certainly is a place for this type of talk, but where does the average Christian go online after that?  After establishing a church home, cementing relationships there and sitting for teaching at the foot of the elders of that church, where can a Christian hear theology discussed not at a seminary level but at a life level?  Sitting on the road during your commute, where can you be edified?

Living in the Vine looks to fill that void.  One of the original branches has had some exciting changes in his family and career and can sadly no longer commit full time to the podcast.  However, the other branches return to provide edification, and discipleship.


Who We Are

John Johnson is a member of Calvary Baptist Church in Riverhead, NY where he serves as the head of the A/V ministry (and why he is “the branch behind the gear”)  He has been saved for 22 years as God granted him repentance and faith on a basketball court at Cornell University.  Later that same year, God gave him a wife and a daughter.  That relationship has grown to 22 years of marriage and eight children.  John owns his own small business helping other small businesses with whatever they need.

James Grossi is an elder at Calvary Baptist Church in Riverhead, NY.